It's Dangerous Outside the Blankets - Netflix

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Some people like to stay at home doing nothing, and they called as "Homebody". However, five homebody celebrities join this show to stay together and spend a holiday together. Actor Lee Sang Woo, Kang Daniel of Wanna One, Yong Jun Hyung of Highlight, Xiumin of Exo, and Singer Park Jae Jung move into the same house. Will they be able to get along together?

It's Dangerous Outside the Blankets - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: Korean

Status: Running

Runtime: 95 minutes

Premier: 2017-08-27

It's Dangerous Outside the Blankets - Smudge pot - Netflix

A smudge pot (also known as a choofa or orchard heater) is an oil-burning device used to prevent frost on fruit trees. Usually a smudge pot has a large round base with a chimney coming out of the middle of the base. The smudge pot is placed between trees in an orchard. The burning oil creates some heat, but more importantly, a large amount of smoke, particulates, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. This deliberate smog forms a “blanket” that blocks infrared light, thereby preventing radiative cooling that would otherwise cause or worsen frost. (Low clouds can have a similar “infrared blanket” effect, which is why cloudy nights tend to be warmer than clear-sky nights.)

It's Dangerous Outside the Blankets - Use in war - Netflix

Smudge pots were used by the Germans during World War II and by the North Vietnamese in their invasions of Laos during the Vietnam War to protect valuable targets. The oily black clouds of smoke produced from these smudge pots was intended to limit the ability to locate a target. In Vietnam, smoke from smudge pots was used as a defense against laser-guided bombs. Smoke would diffuse the laser beam and break the laser's connection with its intended target.

It's Dangerous Outside the Blankets - References - Netflix

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