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Rusty cars, railway and a huge market. All of this - the world of Sasha and Kostya, two friends of street children,who are the harsh realities of the early nineties were able to save the child's soul in pure faith in the goodness and justice. But their fragile little world falls apart when guys get in the way of corrupt policemen. Friends come to the shelter, where faced with the hostility of the director and the other children. At this time the orphanage visited by a young Spanish couple who pay attention to sincere and kind Sasha and wants to adopt him. Kostya convince Sasha to accept the offer of the Spaniards. Babies promise that soon they will meet and never to part.But his life was completely different ... Sasha went to Spain with a new family, and Kostya disappears. And no one can find it. It took twenty years. Little Sasha grew up Alejandro (Artyom Karasev) - a rich young man with a strong character and a good heart. He is still looking for the bones (Alex Krasnotsvetov). After receiving a message from Eve (Faith Shpak) - a detective who searches Bones Alejandro flies to Russia.He is to meet with the past, to show the strength and generosity, to find allies who have a score to settle with his enemies. But will he be able to defend that found in Russia, or his arrival will cause the death of people close to him?

Испанец - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2015-12-20

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Benoît Cauet (born 2 May 1969 in Châtellerault) is a former French footballer who played as a midfielder.

Испанец - Individual - Netflix

Pirata d'Oro (Internazionale Player Of The Year): 1999

Испанец - References - Netflix

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